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PINO Sports Balm

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PINOFIT sports Balm for therapy and sport

Sports massages  are intended to promote the  performance, regeneration and muscle recovery  of athletes. Depending on the desired massage effect,  warming or cooling ointments are often  used during the treatment to specifically relax or stimulate muscle groups. Thanks to their particularly  good grip  and their caring properties, sports ointments are suitable for both therapy and private use.

You can find the following PINOFIT  sports ointments  in our shop:

  • Heat balm:  relaxing massages
  • Cooling gel:  refreshing massages
  • Arnica ointment:  stimulating massages
  • Vein balm:  revitalizing massages

From warming to cooling

In addition to caring properties, sports ointments can also have other effects. That's why you'll find in our range, for example: B. warming and cooling ointments for different needs in therapy, training and competition. Our sports ointments impress with their  high and reliable quality  - specially developed for the  requirements of therapists and masseurs  . In order to guarantee this quality standard, PINOFIT sports ointments are  regularly  examined and  laboratory tested for skin compatibility according to strict criteria .

PINOFIT cooling gel: refreshing massages

PINOFIT  cooling gel  is ideal for use on  heavy legs  or for  stimulating massages after sport . When it comes into contact with the skin, mint oil and menthol release a  pleasant cold that revitalizes body and mind. Mint essential oil is also often used to  relieve muscle pain  , while menthol also  has blood circulation-promoting effects  . This makes the cooling gel suitable for stimulating and refreshing massages.

PINOFIT heat balm: relaxing sports massages

The PINOFIT  heat balm  contains nutrient-rich almond oil and apricot kernel oil; the natural oils  provide intensive care  and leave the skin feeling supple. In addition, vitamin E protects the skin from external environmental influences while calendula extract (marigold)   is known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerating  properties . Other valuable ingredients such as essential, fragrant rosemary oil and Spanish pepper extract also  promote blood circulation during the massage . This means that the massage with PINOFIT heat balm can help to relieve tension and hardening.

PINOFIT arnica ointment: stimulating massages

Our nourishing PINOFIT  arnica ointment  contains a particularly high-quality arnica extract that is obtained very gently. Arnica extract is characterized by  anti-inflammatory, stimulating and soothing properties  .  The ointment can be used excellently for supportive massages for  muscle and joint problems . The PINOFIT arnica ointment also impresses with its intensive care effect: it is particularly skin-friendly and leaves the skin supple and nourished after the treatment.


PINOFIT vein balm: revitalizing massage

Walking, standing or sitting for long periods of time puts our veins under heavy strain every day. This can lead to unpleasant pain in the legs. Our nourishing PINOFIT  vein balm  is ideal for  massaging tired and stressed legs because it has a pleasantly  cooling and invigorating effect , which is created by the addition of high-quality mint oil. It also contains traditionally used ingredients such as horse chestnut extract and red grape vine extract. Heavy legs are treated soothingly during the massage with the PINOFIT vein balm.

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