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Homing Vision

The smart solution with integrated projector to use Homing in your centre.

Maximum flexibility

Homing Vision supports you in the study with maximum flexibility and transportability on wheels, to better manage your spaces.

Continuity in care

A solution of continuity in care, chronic conditions and unexplored areas of intervention.


From the sub-acute phase to functional rehabilitation, Homing Vision accompanies you in taking charge of the patient before telerehabilitation.

Homing Vision is the functional solution to host Homing and allow its use in the space of a specialized center.
The projector integrated into the system is a new feature and guarantees that Homing Vision can be positionedvery close to a wall, displaying the analysis and training data in real time.
Thanks to the functionality of Homing Vision, equipped with a support with wheels, you can move the system within your center to obtainmaximum space management flexibility.

Ultra-short throw projector

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The ultra-short throw projector is one of the main distinctive elements of Homing Vision. The technology applied to the system guarantees that Homing Vision can be positionedjust 30 centimeters from a walland the analysis and training data can be displayed in real time.
The image is returned on a projectionbetween 80 and 100 incheswith Full HD resolution on a simple free wall of the space you have available.


Thanks to the included kit, Homing Vision is a useful support for the accessories supplied with Homing, functional for running the training libraries included in the system.
The availabledumbbell kitsupports you in managing resistance training.
Convenient side compartments, however, are functional for housing theremote controland other functional accessories.

A bridge between your study and the territory

With maximum flexibility and functionality, Homing Vision accompanies you in taking care of the patient, in the objective functional assessment and in remote training.
You can manage your patients by opening up tonew health services in your local areaand embracingtelerehabilitation with Homing.
All the potential of assessment and training are contained in the most compact portable system for remote rehabilitation and hybrid management in your center with the support of Homing Vision.


Compare the Homing Line


  • Medical Certification
  • Medical Certification


  • 3D Camera
  • LCD Monitor 55”
  • 3D Camera
  • Ultra short throw projector 80-100"
  • Wheels for transport


  • Rehab Programs
  • Health Programs
  • Personal Data
  • Rehab Programs
  • Health Programs
  • Personal Data


  • Health Test
  • Monitor
  • Exer Games
  • Health Test
  • Monitor
  • Exer Games


Monitor Functionality

The monitor functionality, with its dual nature of both assessment and re-education through real-time feedback, allows the therapist to have maximum freedom in defining the re-education session. Through the functions of displaying the joint degrees and the "digital blackboard" it is possible to better personalize the exercises, adapting them to every type of user, creating both exercises suitable for rehabilitation and for increasing sports performance.

Assessment Modules

Homing's assessment library consists of Health Test and Motion Analysis. Each macro type provides the therapist with the possibility of analyzing multiple data in detail by providing a detailed report.

Exercises library

Within the Homing library there are more than 800 individual exercises, each including a video guide with visual and acoustic feedback. The exercises, thanks to the use of multiple tools and accessories, can range from joint mobility, muscle strengthening, stability of the upper and lower limbs to load management.

Rehabilitation Exergames

Exergames are a way to train balance, attracting the patient's attention during training sessions and keeping their concentration level high.
At the same time, Homing exergames help the patient escape from the classic motor re-education session.


  • Dimensions : 50 x 52 x 95 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Standard Operating Area: 200 x 125 cm (Length x Width)
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Absorbed Power: 600 W
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar optical heart rate sensor

App & Cloud

Rehab, Health Fitness, Sport Performance:3 versions with specific exercisesguarantee your patient or athlete the best health and movement experience, based on the path that the user can follow within your centre.

With theTecnoBody Cloudyou have always guaranteed the interconnection between the systems in our range and the most immersive experience for your professionalism and your customers.

With the TecnoBody APP and Cloud you redefine your working method in the studio or in the gym and access the possibility of building a new relationship with your patient or athlete.

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